I really, really like the iPhone. I want one, quite a bit! That said, I’m not financially prepared to purchase one quite yet, but I’m working on getting there! In preparation I was doing a bit of research on what exactly it IS going to cost when I make my move.

The price of the iPhone itself is a bit obvious, the price of the service plan can be a bit harder to figure out; especially since I am an existing AT&T customer (My current handset is the Samsung SGH-A727, which is aesthetically wonderful but functionally questionable.) Turns out AT&T has tried to make it pretty easy for existing customers to upgrade their plans for iPhone, sorta…

Quoting Apple.com’s iPhone rate plan page:

If you’re an existing AT&T (formerly Cingular) wireless customer on a qualifying rate plan, just add an Data Plan for iPhone. (This may replace your current data plan. Some voice plans, including TDMA, may not qualify. Call AT&T Customer Service at 1-800-331-0500 or visit an AT&T store to see if your plan qualifies.) Data Plans for iPhone give you Visual Voicemail, SMS Text Messaging bundles, and Unlimited Data, which includes both email and web.

Well! How convenient, that’s nice to know… except nowhere on Apple or AT&T’s site do they list the price-per-month for this upgrade. I guestimated it to be $20.00 a month, but I really wanted to know for sure. Google was no help, though admittedly I only did a cursory search, but really this should be easier to find.

With no answer in sight, I did what many desperate and foolish souls before me have done – I called the customer support number!

I spent 20 minutes on hold to ask a five-second long question.

Seriously – when I finally got the CSR it took longer to verify my name and my social security number (because I was calling customer care about my line) then it did to ask my question.

That aside, I got my answer!

To anyone who cares: Adding the Data Plan for iPhone to an existing AT&T customer plan costs $20.00US per month. (Per iPhone line, and assuming your plan qualifies, which most should.)

I’m hoping the title and content of this post will get it indexed well enough to help out the next person in the same fix as me.

Oh, and AT&T: Instead of revamping the (still broken, but that’s another story) security question system on your wireless site, could you have the web designer (I’m guessing there’s only one?) spend 30 seconds adding this information to one of your pages on iPhone rate plans? Thanks!

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